The Pane project
The PANE project

Mother yeast, organic flour, raw ingredients from short and controlled chain, ancient grains variety, high hydration and digestibility.

Every bread smells of its territory. This bread tells the story of Abruzzo.
A bread with ancient roots that thanks to research, technology and selected raw material, becomes contemporary and innovative. Crisp and toasted crust, moist and creamy crumb and a delicate acidity that makes the micro-aromas released during baking "shine".

Every day we work different kinds of bread, each one with a production process of about 36 hours and two long fermentation phases that characterize its peculiarities.
The whole process starts from the mother yeast. Care, devotion, patience and the skilled hands of our bakers to work a highly hydrated dough.
By hand we give the "folds" to the dough.
By hand the dough is divided, weighed, formed and placed in baskets.
Handwork is a key part of the recipe.
As are technique, technology, research and innovation. Thanks to which we manage today to bring to everyone's tables a tasty, healthy, natural, digestible bread.

Once baked, our bread is immediately positively blast chilled from 245° to 4° at the heart in 60 minutes. A technique that preserves the natural organoleptic properties with which the bread is conceived. It is then packaged by hand, piece by piece in biodegradable bags designed for storage the bread in a protective atmosphere and for keeping it at home at refrigerated temperature.

The great news is that our bread for the first time can be ate at home. Our bread can be stored in a regular fridge, regenerated at the time of consumption in a simple home oven for 15 minutes and always consumed as warm and fragrant as freshly baked.

This new bread is available in four flavor variations. White bread with potatoes, which revives an ancient Abruzzese peasant bread-making tradition. Dark bread made from Solina and Saragolla, ancient local flour varieties with incredible organoleptic and nutritional qualities. Olives and rosemary, with a unique richness taste. Cherries and chocolate, a recipe designed to bring a simple but noble product like bread back to the center of breakfast.

Find the breadin our store at N. 12, Via Solferino in Milan.